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Audi A3 is an Impressive Car for Daily Commuting

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Reconditioned Audi A3 engine

Four cylinders turbocharged unit has the option of either six speed manual gearbox or seven speed auto transmissions

New Audi A3 is good at offering you spacious interior and modern-day tech features. Fun to drive element is also the best than any previous version of the car. Interior and exterior designing may not of the liking of a few otherwise no major fault identified. The car has shared mechanical origin with some other vehicles of the class but no apparent similarities. The car has its class.

Cabin space is a big plus for the compact car. Four cylinders turbocharged unit has the option of either six speed manual gearbox or seven speed auto transmissions. For a contemporary drive experience, auto transmissions are a must but still many will prefer manual for an engaging drive.

Mild hybrid assistance from 48 volts battery is new for the latest version. All wheels drive is also available but for models having powerful units otherwise, it is front wheels drive a car. These powerful unit models also have other advantages like separate rear suspension.

It has also helped the car to be more agile and sharper in handling. Three doors Audi A3 has become abandoned and now only Sport-back and hatchback models are available. Reconditioned Audi A3 engine could save your money when you need engine replacement.

Dimensions of the car have been extended a bit but without changing the length of the chassis. The car has gained in different areas and now more aggressive in look as well as offering comfort. Exterior has got sharper creases and also the LED running lights.

With powerful engine options, the compact car gives a thrilling drive experience. You get a virtual cockpit screen of almost identical size to the MMI touchscreen of 10.1 inches. An optional bigger screen is also offered.

The manual gearbox is good at working

The petrol unit car is a refined product so it offers a comfortable ride and a hushed cabin. No matter at which speed you run this car or even standing idle there is no vibration on the wheel in hands or pedals. Some renowned rivals could not suppress such unwanted feel so the car stands out.

The manual gearbox is good in working and shifting remains smooth but auto transmissions are more pleasing. Entry level three cylinders unit is a good little pulling machine. It is chosen for within town commuting and for highway you have to wait for overtaking.

Four cylinders unit of 1.5-litre is capable of 148 bhp rather suitable for different kinds of travel needs. The maximum torque of the unit is 184 lb ft. is reached at 1500 rpm. This figure tells you about the quick acceleration possibility of the car. It takes 8.4 seconds to reach a speed of 62 mph, it is quite quick for a unit of 1.5-litres.

You can choose from different types of used car engines but Audi A3 remanufactured engine but I choice of many for surety of performance. The fuel economy is the concern of the buyers and Audi also aware of the fact. It returns you over 40 mpg within the city and above 50 mpg for motorway travelling.

With these figures, you do not need to stop frequently for covering long distances. With a filled tank Audi A3 covers more than 450 miles without trying to improve fuel economy. A 48 volts assistance in the hybrid auto version is also present and can increase the figure further.

The interior of the car has been refreshed

The front wheels drive configuration is nice and you feel confident while driving this car. Bodyweight is not heavy so without anti roll bars, the car manages good control on the body while moving in tight corners. Stability at speed and road manners of good quality is surprising for A3 buyers if they buy it after a decade.

The interior of the car has been refreshed because buyers now a day wish to have an improved cabin every time. Apart from comfortable seats riders now desire a tech loaded cabin too. Connectivity is also a big concern and people inside the cabin want more in this connection.

The infotainment system has been made part of the dash than a folding screen above the dashboard. It is a new MMI system so you will find it quite pleasing. The screen is controlled through touch and it has been the best thing for the buyers of the new model.

More than 10 inches screen has been made standard for all models of new A3. It is a sharp and responsive screen but using a touchscreen demands you focus more on it. Suppliers of second hand engines can give you plenty of option for Audi A3 replacement engines.

The car is roomier

You need to show extra vigilance while using the screen and driving simultaneously. The placement of the screen is good to bring in use and air vents also practically placed. When you control things physically, you find them easy to handle though modern car buyers prefer touch controls for expensive feel and modern touch.

The Interior of the Audi A3 has been made rather practical than modern and upscale though tech features are more than earlier versions. The car is roomier but three adults in the back row still not comfortable, due to squeezed room for the middle passenger. The boot area is good for carrying several suitcases. With rear seats down you can have more space and underground space also available. Audi has made this car more attractive by introducing changes in different areas so the new model has its appeal.

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