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CR-V Shows the Excellence of Honda

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Honda CR-V

Latest upgrade bringing is in more demand Honda is a well-reputed company giving off some very sound engines one of which lies under the bonnet of Honda CR-V. This is a vehicle that hides perfectly on the road with its relatively routine exterior. When you are a family man, having a vehicle that is different […]

Honda Civic Diesel is good Among Family Hatches

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Honda Civic Hatchback

The engine emits lesser carbon and covers more distance because of efficient engine The new Honda Civic diesel is fitted with 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine and produces 120 bhp. A figure of 200rpm takes away your worry of relatively low power because with these you would have ample agility at low speed. Other claimed traits […]

Honda Civic, A Car with Complete Package

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Honda Civic

Buy this car and feel like the luckiest person in the market You often hear from the companies before a car’s upgrading that they are planning a whole new car with this and that feature. But after its release, you do get some changes but not as much as it was claimed for the make […]

Watch out Ford Focus – Honda Civic Is Coming

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Honda Civic

The 2015 Civic offers lots of equipment and some efficient engines The Honda Civic has long been on the outskirts of the little family hatchback class. It’s never been a terrible car, yet that is not generally enough in a class loaded with great competitors. It’s up against rivals such as the Ford Focus, Volkswagen […]

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